Try the paraffin wax manicure – the luxurious Spa treatment

We Are Gloss Made Awesome

Hello, I'm Katie Morgan and Gloss Made Awesome is my Beauty Spa. If you have been practicing manicure in the past and you know what the right manicure means then you will appreciate the soothing experience of this service. The treatment involves heated waxed paraffin that would warm the nails and cuticles before polishing. The treatment produces the effects of skin/cuticles moisturizing and softening.

What we Offer

Soft skin

the heated paraffin gives your skin a soft texture in the long run

Relieves pain

the treatment is a great pain reliever proven by dermatologists

Unclogs skin pores

It opens up your skin pores keeping skin at top functionality


Sometimes you need to pamper yourself and this experience is the best ...

What People Say

Cassandra Carter

Spent a day at the Gloss Made Awesome where I tried my first paraffin wax manicure and trust me after such   a relaxing experience you feel like your previous experiences were a waste and wouldn't want to go back. I experienced it first hand, its worth the extra bulks!

Shawna Caldwell

I got cured of the ridged nails condition at the Gloss Made Awesome after searching for so long

Darla Fleming

The treatment is fast and results are visible after a couple of days. If you suffer same condition there is a pathway out at the Gloss Made Awesome.



Our treatment hydrates your nails that they can reform easily to a flawless state

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Fine board procedure

this procedure is essential in the treatment process as it grinds the ridged nail surface gently to uniformity

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